Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RE: Blowfly (Maggot) Girl

So i was recently having a competition with my mate about who had the strongest stomach,
who could handle looking at the grossest things, who had the dirtiest mind.
Naturally i assumed, with my stomach of steel, and my gutter mind that i would
prevail and win the title of SICKO.
But i had spoken to soon...
Today was the day i would stumble upon something
something so powerful that it made my stomach of steel quiver.
I couldn't believe it, but i had been pushed in the deep end with this one.

A blog entry by a girl known as 'Blowfly girl'
(only read if u think you can handle it, its quite explicit to say the least )

I had never read anything like it before, beautifully written with great detail
it left me scarred with the imagery in my mind forever.

But after reaching a point where i felt i was about to see my food again
i found myself unable to look away, i couldn't stop reading
no matter how sick i felt, how gross i thought the things she was talking about were
i couldn't stop. i couldn't look away. not for one second
which lead me to think.....

Why was something i found so repulsive, so fucking interesting that i couldn't stop reading?
I mean how someone could be aroused by these things, are beyond my comprehension
although it lead me to think about many other things
What kind of music do you like, if you like to put maggots in side of you?
and like
Whats your favourite colour?
Whats your favourite food?
And how much do you spend on gynecologist appointments per year?

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  1. Recently discovered blowfly girl. Naturally googled to see reactions. I like yours the best